WHY use this site?

Why should you read our blogs WITH your teens? Why should you view the videos we post WITH your teens?

Here are the 8 Reasons Why:

1. Teach your children to live compassionate and ethical lives. Teach your children to act with empathy towards others, to want to better their community and to have a great impact beyond their community.

2. Teach your children to understand the concepts of justice, kindness and responsibility. Teach your children the importance of integrity, that popular culture and material items should never be the focus of life.

3.Demonstrate to your children that respect is earned and not simply given without reason, the importance of being respectful, the right ways to earn respect from others.

4. Demonstrate to your children how to be honest and sincere, the importance of not taking shortcuts in life, not to be tempted to look for quick gratification.

5. Help your children challenge themselves, realize that everyone fails from time to time, understand that they should not be afraid to try just because they might fail from time to time.

6. Help your children learn how to avoid bad influences. Help your children to learn how to choose individuals who are good role models to learn from and grow with. Help your children to identify and learn from the goodness of each person.

7. Show your children how they can learn from almost everyone they encounter; ways to avoid and deal with peer pressure; and the importance of standing up for someone who is being bullied or mistreated.

8. Show your children the importance of learning to admit when they (or you) make a mistake and how to accept responsibility for their actions.

If you want to do some (or all) of these things, please read and view what this site has to offer. And keeping coming back – we’ll be adding new wonderful things all the time! Better yet, register here so that we can give you our tips and inspirational information from time to time. Don’t worry, we promise not to bombard you with emails.

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