18 Year Old Peter Hanne Saves Cliff Hanging Driver

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In 2008 18 year old Peter Hanne was sitting in his home in New Zealand when he heard a panicked knocking at the door of the residence. When the teen opened the door he found a passerby who was upset, and the individual described an accident that had occurred nearby and a driver who was in immediate danger. Hanne lived very close to the Wajoeka Gorge, and the waterway was just hundreds of yards from his home.

Apparently a truck had lost control and was simply hanging over the cliff of the gorge, and the passerby was afraid that the vehicle would teeter over the edge and fall down into the waterway. This would have spelled disaster for the driver who was trapped in the truck and afraid to move because of the danger that any vibrations posed. Peter Hanne did not think twice, and his courageous actions saved the driver and are an inspiration to both teens and adults around the world.

Peter Hanne Rushed to the Rescue With No Shoes

After opening the door and finding out what had happened Peter did not even stop long enough to put on his shoes, he rushed out into the cold and icy night after yelling to his family to call for help. Although Hanne was barefoot this did not prevent him from thinking quickly, and this helped to save the trapped driver.

When the teen arrived at the accident he found that a semi had jackknifed, and the cab of the vehicle had gone over the cliff and was hanging in the air. The driver did not have time to get out and was trapped in the cab. The only thing keeping the entire truck from going over the edge was the trailer, which was positioned on the edge and creaking noisily. In the teen’s own words “I knew the normal thing to do was call the fire brigade and wait but I heard it creaking and I knew we needed to get him out pretty quick.” What the teen did next was extraordinary and should inspire others.

Even Local Police Are Amazed By Peter Hanne

Peter Hanne amazed even local police with his daring rescue, and he put himself in danger to ensure that the truck driver was rescued. The teen climbed into the open area between the cab and the trailer, and he managed to break out the rear window of the truck and then help the driver out of the vehicle and up to safety. According to the driver and Opotiki police Senior Constable Doug Henry the teen is a true hero and an inspiration. Constable Henry remarked “The young fellow who got the truck driver out really deserves our recognition. We’re always complaining about our young people for those who mess up, but here is one young man who has really laid his life on the line for another. Had the vehicle finally ended up in the river he would have gone with it and been crushed, the trailer would have landed right on top of him. He is a real hero.”

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  • What would you be willing to risk to save someone else?
  • Was there another option that may have involved less danger?
  • What would you do if you saw this situation?
  • Would you act differently?
  • Was Peter Hanne a hero in your eyes; should the teen receive a medal for his bravery?
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