190 Kisses Countdown

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Anna Greenblatt

Anna Greenblatt

Military homecoming videos are always heartwarming and often bring on the tears, and this story is sure to warm your heart. Sean is a young boy whose dad, Major Steve Dillenburger, is in the United States Air Force. Steve knew that while he was stationed Kuwait for six months, Sean would have a tough time. In an attempt to make the days easier for Sean, his parents filled a jar with 190 Hershey Kisses. Every night, Sean was given this sweet treat and a symbolic kiss from his father, who he missed every day.

The jar served another purpose aside from reminding Sean of his father’s love for him. Every day that Sean ate another kiss meant that the jar was one kiss short, meaning he was one day closer to seeing his dad again. As the supply of chocolate kisses diminished, and finally emptied on Oct. 24th, Sean greeted his dad at the airport, ecstatic that they were reunited.

We salute and express our deep gratitude to Major Steve Dillenburger, all of the heroes of the United States Armed Forces, and all of their families and we pray for their health and well-being.

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