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5 Ways to Be More Positive

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Positive thinking and behavior is linked to all kinds of wonderful  benefits: higher energy, enhanced communication and improved relationships, as well as better rates of success and general happiness. It pays to remain positive as you’ll both perform and feel better by doing so.


If we can all agree on the value of staying positive, why isn’t everyone walking around with a smile every second of the day? Real life is still going to show up in unpredictable ways and the reality is that less than positive things will happen, as well as things we can’t control. True positivity can’t be dependent on outside factors and has to come from within.


So just how do we do this? Luckily we have a great article to share, written by coach and public speaker Michael Jacobs for Entrepreneur. It is called “Become More Positive With These 5 Tips,” and it provides practical advice you can implement in your life today.


The key is that all 5 of Mr. Jacobs’ tips are active things that encourage you to get up and take action to improve your mental state, rather than simply trying to will yourself better. Read the tips, implement them in your lives and share your positivity with others, and the results with us!

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