Mental Energy

7 Keys to Mental Energy

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Anyone who has put in a long period of work, whether at a job or in school, knows there is more than one type of energy. We all know that feeling of being physically awake, but mentally hitting the “snooze” button. The fact is that our brains are complicated, and need both energy and stimulation to keep going at their full potential.

Critical thinking and creativity are among the first parts of the brain to shut down when it is feeling lethargic. We can also find it difficult to learn new things and lose all efficacy at studying or creating what we need to.

Find Mental Energy

So hopefully we have convinced you of the importance of mental energy, now what? You got the good night’s sleep, ate the healthy breakfast and still your brain is just crawling along? You may need to go outside the box a little. We found an article, written by a gentleman named John Brandon, that promises to help jump start sleepy brains with simple tricks anyone can do. The best part is they all apply to children and teens as well as adults (when it comes to #4 just think “soda and sugar” as opposed to coffee) and will help you break out of the ordinary. These 7 practical techniques make reinvigorating your day a simple and realistic possibility.

Try John Brandon’s tips out, share with your friends and family and go back to tackle that next chapter, problem, test, project or adventure with new focus and a brain that feels like it just woke up to a new day!

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