About Jason Greenblatt

jason greenblattDear parents and teens, welcome to Inspire Conversation!

My name is Jason Greenblatt, and I am a parent just like you. My wife Naomi Greenblatt and I have 6 children including triplets, and we are both passionate about:

  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Helping other parents raise happy and balanced children
  • Giving back to the community

We both have very demanding jobs, yet in spite of this we are both very active and involved in our children’s lives, our community, and a number of charitable organizations.

Why are we doing this? As working parents we know the importance of both parents being present and spending time with their children in their daily lives. This means getting involved in their:

  • Problem solving
  • General outlook on the world
  • Decision making
  • Possibilities and opportunities

I frequently get invited to speak on a variety of topics in my professional and personal life, and to participate in community activities and charitable organizations. Some examples of topics that students have wanted to hear more on include:

  • “How to Work Hard and Succeed,”
  • “The Art of Negotiation,”
  • “Ethics in the Workplace and Beyond.”

The vision for Inspire Conversation was sparked on a family vacation when we were browsing a local market in Europe. Our children noticed there was a great deal of brand name clothing, including Gucci, Ferragamo, and Prada available at unbelievably low prices. This was an opportunity to have a conversation with our children about counterfeit goods, and why it was wrong to buy them.

The very next day our family came across a story about a huge blunder that caused an airline to sell tickets that normally cost in excess of $1,500 round trip for approximately $300. A serious discussion ensued about whether it was morally acceptable to take advantage of the error.

After returning from the vacation Naomi and I attended a lecture about how to raise teens in today’s world, and to our astonishment the majority of the words and descriptions thrown out to describe teens by the participating parents were negative. Later that evening we wrote out a long list of words that described our children as helpful, exciting, curious, kind, generous, sweet, considerate, etc.

We firmly believe that our family discussions about topics on how to act and conduct oneself in a variety of situations are a major ingredient in the development of our children. Once we understood that many parents are struggling with the same issues we have, we decided to do something about it and help others.

We made this site where we could collect and chose specific and relevant tools that will help you become a great parent, and help your kids become great people. A place where we all can share our journey as parents, and develop stronger family relationships and communication skills.

What you will find on Inspire Conversation will help you:

  • When you need advice
  • If you want to share an inspiring story
  • When you want a topic for family discussions
  • If you are just trying to open lines of communication in your family
  • When you are looking for help talking or listening to your kids and teens
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