Are Honesty and Integrity Traits That You Admire?

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Brian Miller is an individual who owns a home known as Chococruz, a villa for rent

brian miller's chococruz

Brian Miller’s Chococruz

in St. John, Virgin Islands. I recently dealt with him and was inspired because of his honesty and integrity in his business dealings. It is common to hear negative stories about businesses that try to gouge customers or charge too much. So, finding people who are honest and that have a strong business ethic and personal integrity is very refreshing. Brian is a great example of how one should conduct themselves in business, and if we all did business like this and insisted on more honesty in our business transactions, then the world would be a much better place.

I was contemplating renting Chococruz for a family vacation. When I sent an email to Brian confirming the price, I was multitasking, and made a $275 mistake (in Brian’s favor). Brian immediately pointed out my error and told me I was going to overpay by $275 and he adjusted the price downward (without my asking). He could have easily pocketed an additional $275 simply by keeping quiet, but his integrity and honesty would not allow this. Instead, he pointed out my mistake and made sure that I was not overcharged for the rental.

It was really great to deal with Brian Miller because he had the business ethics to stick by his principles and do what was right rather than make some extra profit. Some individuals would not have shown the same honesty and would have kept quiet, hoping that I never noticed my error and never questioned the overpayment. Instead the villa owner made sure that we were charged the going rate. Brian’s conduct is an inspiration for others to follow, and it was really great to do business with someone who understands the value of honesty and integrity in the business world.

Many modern movies and media accounts of business practices may make it seem that honesty is not the way to run a successful business, but this is simply not true and dishonest business practices will not take you very far in life.

Below are some thought provoking questions on the importance of honesty in the business world:

  • If someone paid you too much would you tell them and correct the error or keep quiet? Why?
  • If you saw someone drop money would you return it to them or pick it up and put it in your pocket?
  • Do you think it is possible to be completely honest and still succeed in business today? Why or why not?
  • Do you believe most people are honest? Have you ever been dishonest? How?
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