father carries disabled son to and from school commitment

Amazing, Devoted Dad Walks 18 miles Each Day so his Disabled Son Can Attend School

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I read a really inspiring story about a very devoted dad yesterday. I know I can certainly learn something from his playbook, and hopefully you can too!

Talk about dedication and devotion- Yu Xukang, a Chinese man, lives in rural China. His 12 year old son son, Xiao Qiang, is disabled. Xiao’s back is hunched and his limbs are twisted. Yu was separated from Xiao’s mother nine years ago, and decided to raise Xiao alone. Yu wanted to ensure that Xiao would not be impacted as a result of being raised by a single parent. Yu was unable to fund any school near him with the necessary facilities to accept Xiao. The only school that Yu was able to locate for Xiao was at a school in Fengyi township in Sichuan province – a five-mile walk away. There was no school bus or public transportation that Yu could rely on to get Xiao to the school, and Yu realized that his only alternative was to carry Xiao every day to and from school in a specially designed basket. Yu said: “I have carried him there and back now since last September, every morning I get up at 5am to prepare a lunch for him to eat and then I walk the four-and-a-half miles to the school, and then come back here so I can work to earn money. I then walk back to the school to pick up my son and bring him home. . . . I know that my son is physically disabled but there is nothing wrong with his mind.”

Loving Father Shows Unyielding Commitment To Disabled Son’s Future

Yu estimates that he has walked approximately 1,600 miles up and down hills since he started counting. Xiao cannot walk on his own, and cannot ride a bicycle. But Xiao is at the top of his class and his dad hopes that Xiao will achieve great things. After news of Yu’s incredible efforts to help his son, the local government located a room closer to the school for Yu and Xiao.

Talk about being a super dad! Parents sometimes gripe about carpools from time to time, and other errands we have to do for our kids. Well next time I even think about complaining, I will think about Yu and Xiao and remember that I am incredibly lucky I am. I wish Yu and Xiao tremendous success and happiness, and a shout out to the local government for doing the right thing for this amazing family!

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