Best Shift Ever: Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tip

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Chelsea Roff is, or rather was, a waitress at a local restaurant. Having spent much of her young life struggling with an eating disorder, Chelsea transformed her life partly through the practice of yoga, and has helped teach other women to do the same. Her hard work was done selflessly and without anticipation of a reward, though a wonderful one came her way nonetheless.

Helping another person is its own reward

An online prank show decided to use its hidden cameras for good and “prank it forward” as accomplices set up Chelsea for the shift of a lifetime. See her candid reactions as she experiences amazing tip after amazing tip and watches her life transform over the course of an afternoon. While not all good work gets (or needs to be) rewarded, it is still a lot of fun to see a deserving recipient receive the gift of a lifetime.

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