Brave Teen Saves 8 Year Old From Fiery Death

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Brave Teen Saves 8 Year Old From Fiery Death. A recent news story in Oregon showed what a difference teens can make in the lives of others. This did not stop the teen from rescuing an 8 year old boy in Troutdale, Oregon who was trapped inside a burning home though.

In September of 2012 Marcos was doing his homework with the help of his dad when the pair saw a disturbing sight out the window of their home. A nearby home had caught on fire and the orange red hue could be easily seen through the neighborhood.

Marcos and his dad ran out to help, and they saw that the home of their neighbor was fully engulfed in flames. Four members of the family had made it out of the burning structure safely but 8 year old Cody Ma was trapped in his bedroom on the second floor of the home according to the boy’s father. Marcos immediately offered to try and rescue the boy but his father would not allow it, and instead the older Ugarte went into the home. Eventually the flames and the high heat forced Marcos’ father out without rescuing the boy, and the blaze was growing by the second. Cody did not have much time before rescue efforts would be in vain.

Building Was Ablaze, 8 Year Old Was Still Inside

Thanks to quick thinking by Marcos and his fast actions, Cody was rescued unharmed. While his father was inside the home trying to locate the boy so he could be rescued Marcos was evaluating the situation and thinking on his feet. When the elder Ugarte came out of the structure without the 8 year old, Marcos already had another plan in motion. With the help of a ladder that the teen had located and placed underneath a window of the second floor another exit route was created.

While his father held the ladder from below, Marcos climbed up to the second story of the home and managed to remove the window screen. The teen then called out and guided the young boy to the window where the ladder was located. Once Cody was at the window then Marcos helped him climb out and guided the boy down the ladder to safety. Both families believe that the actions Marcos took were heroic, but the brave teen does not recognize this fact.

Brave Teen is Incredibly Humble About His Actions

When asked for comments Marcos Ugarte was incredibly humble about his deed. According to the teen when he was interviewed by the local newspaper “I can’t say I really consider myself a hero. I think anyone would have done what I did.” The parents of both boys disagree, and so did many of the students at Gresham High School where the teen is a student. What is most inspiring is that Marcos feels that he did not do anything special or heroic despite risking his own safety for an 8 year old boy that he barely knew.  Marcos is only 14.  We think he is a hero…a very brave teen indeed.

The questions listed below are intended to be thought provoking and we want to hear your answers. Any comments and answers can be placed in the comment box below.

  • Would you put yourself at risk to save someone else?
  • Do you think Marcos was heroic?
  • What would you do if you were in this situation?
  • Have you ever seen someone who needed help? What did you do?
  • Would you stop a family member from helping if it meant they could be injured?
  • Would you hesitate to help because you could be injured or killed?
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