Can I keep those Nets Tickets? [By: Male; Age 13; New Jersey]

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September, 2012

[this story is a variation of a true story]

Each month, my class has a raffle, in honor of a month of great learning.  Most months, the raffles have junky prizes like foam balls, light up teeth, etc.  Some months, we would get a $20 iTunes gift card, or win a trip to our favorite restaurant with the teacher.  But this month’s raffle was going to be special.  One of the studentsparents donated Nets tickets to the winner of the grand prize.  The parents donated it in honor of great learning from everyone in the class.

Everyone in the class was excited about the upcoming raffle, and the day finally arrived.  Every prize had already been won, except the Nets tickets.  The time came for the grand prize to be raffled off, and the entire class was staring eagerly at their ticket numbers.  The teacher announced the winning number… 389024.

I had won the Nets tickets! I walked up to the teacher to show her my winning ticket, and everyone congratulated me.

When I got home that night, I told my parents the wonderful news.  They were very happy for me, and asked when the game was.  December 2nd I said, going on to describe who the Nets were playing and why this was such an important game.

All my energy and excitement was smothered, when my mother told me she had already bought theater tickets for that night, that were expensive and could not be returned. That meant I couldn’t go to the Nets game!

My first question is:


While according to law, I won the tickets, therefore they are rightfully mine, I still don’t think it would be right for me to sell or have other benefit from them for many reasons.

1)  The parents donated the tickets, in honor of great learning from the entire class.  Therefore, other people deserve it to; it just happens to be that I won them.  Therefore, for me to sell them, when another student deserves them, would be unfair.

2)  It would be dishonest to the parents who purchased the tickets, because they wanted me to enjoy the game, not sell the tickets, and pocket the money.  If they wanted to give me money instead of tickets, they would have.

My second question is…


I think the right thing to do would be to tell the teacher the situation, and then say I would like to raffle the tickets off again to the other students, who would be able to attend the game.

In conclusion, while I have every right to do what I want with the tickets, I believe that I should give them back to be raffled off to another student.

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