Child Luring and Teens [By: Male; Age 13; New Jersey]

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October, 2012

Currently, there is an issue in my county of kidnapping and child luring.  The police have sent out many precautions, and safety rules.  My school’s psychologists spoke to all the students at the school about what to do in the unlikely event that one is faced with this issue. 

Basically, the lives of children and teenagers will be much different for the next few weeks until the case is solved.  For instance, children should be watched by a parent while waiting for the school bus.  Another example is that walking even a few streets away by yourself may be  dangerous.  My parents don’t allow my younger siblings to walk alone anywhere, but should they forbid me from walking alone?  I am almost fourteen years old, and trained in karate for almost eight years.


I agree with my parents that I should not be allowed to walk alone at all.  In fact I don’t even want to walk anywhere alone.  Is it really worth taking the risk?

The truth is if I were faced with a child lurer, i think i would be able to defend myself and get somewhere safe without a problem, but these are real criminals here who know what they are doing.  If your say its okay to walk alone because you are a strong teenager, they realize that you are a teenager and strong also!  If they choose to try and take you they already factored in your age and are able to tell if you are weak or strong by your appearance.   You can say that you can defend yourself all you want, but when and if a circumstance would come up, you would have no idea what tricks the child lurer has up his sleeve.  It is not just as simple as  you should run away, and if he grabs you then throw a punch at him.  These criminals know that if they grab you, you are going to fight back and are prepared for that.

I can say that I know to run away if someone asks for directions, but its not as simple as that.  Once again he knows that a teenager probably knows better than to go into a guy’s car, but he has a plan to get you to.  Whether he “he has a bad knee and needs your help bending to reach something”, or “your mom told me to pick you up”, he is full of ways to trick you.  His job is to make you think that you’ll be doing the right thing by helping him and then he makes his move.

In conclusion, you can say “I can handle it I’m a strong fourteen year old”, but that isn’t sufficient enough.  The child lurer is prepared for anything you throw at him.  These are professional bad guys who know what they are doing.  Why take such a big risk?    Don’t allow your ego to “lure” you into thinking it’s safe because you are very strong. Be very careful and don’t take chances.

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