A Cool New Way to Showcase Art: On Your Feet!

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Anna Greenblatt

Anna Greenblatt

Art has always been a means for people to display messages and ideas that they feel passionate about. Great artists such as Da Vinci, Picasso, Van Gogh, and Michelangelo created pieces that will be remembered for the foreseeable future. Many have studied their works and have bought their art for very significant sums of money. These artists are among the most famous artists in history. Contemporary artists may not be known worldwide or have their works hanging in museums; however, they may share a similar passion for art as these four famous artists had.

Aaron Firestein recognized that some contemporary artists were not able to spread their works very far or get as much recognition as they were seeking. Together with Raaja Nemani, a backpacker who Aaron met in Argentina, he created BucketFeet.

Let me rewind to explain the story of how BucketFeet came to be. It all started with a pair of white canvas sneakers that Aaron drew on and gave to Raaja before they parted ways. Raaja wore them as he continued his backpacking travels and was complimented on them wherever he went. His shoes became the topic of conversation as he traveled over six continents. The sneakers helped him form friendships with fellow travelers, as well as locals in the countries he visited. Raaja was amazed to see the power that art had in unifying people from all over the world and asked Aaron to help him create a brand that would showcase individual artists and the stories that they told through their work. This brand, a small startup company that has become increasingly popular, is known as BucketFeet.

The mission of the company is to “connect people through art” and “help bring the work of street artists to larger audiences.” It serves the purpose of connecting people from all over the world by printing anyone’s submitted design onto canvas sneakers, flip flops, high tops, and other shoe styles. We wish Aaron and Raaja success in this unusual and fun venture, and we hope the artists who design the art for the footwear are able to showcase their art successfully through this unique “gallery.”

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