coronavirus fighters

Coronavirus Fighters

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By: Sophia Greenblatt

Dr. Kashif Chaudhry and Dr. Naila Shereen are two inspirational doctors whose lives have always been surrounded by healing others. The couple’s journey together began on medical missions they took. Dr. Kashif is a cardiologist at a hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Dr. Naila is a chief resident who works at different hospitals in Brooklyn, New York. Their relationship took an unlikely turn when it came time for their wedding. 

The two doctors, engaged to be married, had to cancel their wedding plans due to the coronavirus. They were supposed to have a wedding in London over a two-day period. Dr. Kashif said, “we had our airline tickets, we had the venue planned, we had the food planned – we had everything planned, but then the pandemic hit and then everything changed.” The couple opted to have a wedding before the pandemic worsened, instead of waiting more time. Dr. Kashif explained that what is most important is to be with your loved ones, which is why the lavish wedding they had planned was not a priority. At the wedding, the small number of guests abided by social distancing rules. Only hours after their big day, the couple separated and went back to their respective jobs to help combat the coronavirus. Dr. Kashif and Dr. Naila spent their honeymoon fighting the coronavirus instead of going on vacation to Dubai and the Maldives. The couple hopes to have a gathering in London after the pandemic, and Dr. Naila plans to find a job in Cedar Rapids and move there. We wish Dr. Kashif and Dr. Naila a lifetime of happiness and health.–569383181.html

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