The Cure For Overworking

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There are all kinds of articles and statistics these days regarding the amount of work and pressure facing the average American teenager. The truth is, at any point in our lives, parents and teens are susceptible to facing large amounts of work and heavy burdens. We may work long hours and feel pushed to pull late nights or otherwise stretch our time to the max. If we can all agree on that, all that remains is a practical solution to coping and performing at our best.

A great article we came across suggests that the answer is to NOT put in crazy hours, but to “work smarter” and maximize the time we spend on our given tasks. The author lays out both a practical case for not pushing ourselves to physical limits, and an indication of a growing trend towards recognizing this fact in the most typically time-demanding professions.

Overworking Avoided by Efficiency

The applied strategy aims to get you working fewer hours but getting more done by maximizing your efficiency. In order to make this simpler and more accessible (as well as not waste too much of that precious time!) the author lays out 5 simple strategies. They range from organizing yourself, to being open to help, and taking care of personal needs.

We all have commitments and obligations. We also want to do and be our best at all times. What this article helps us with is to start unchaining the idea of how well we work from how long we work. When we can recognize quality over quantity, we free ourselves to live more balanced lives and ultimately achieve at our highest potential.

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