Green City Force Makes a Difference Among Youth and the Environment

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By opening up opportunities for disadvantaged young adults and helping the environment, Green City Force gives hope and inspiration to local communities. Making quick work, this relatively new organization has had a big impact on enhancing youth job prospects and in reducing green-house gas emissions. The goals of Green City Force are to inspire youth and to show them they can make a difference in the environment..something we all wish to demonstrate to our children.

There is an importance to performing community service that we should impart to our children and encourage them to take on their own role as they develop and mature into young adults. Based on the principals of the Green Energy Service Corps, a platform for implementation of the Kennedy Serve America Act, the Green City Force organizational model provides youth needed technological skills and work experience on climate control initiatives to help them succeed in the emerging clean energy industry and that inspire these participants to lead socially responsible lives.

Top priorities of Green City Force are to address climate change and also the high rate of youth unemployment in lower income communities. Their success drew the attention of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) where they were featured for their innovative idea in influencing job creation, economic development and the environment.

Inspiring Conversation on Community Service

Conversation with our children on the value of community service can be inspired by the real life success story of people who have participated in the Green City Force program. Stories like the one told by Shella Hair, a 23 year old woman who completely turned her life around with the help of the Green City Force organization.

green city force at risk teens inspire conversastion inspireconversation.comLike most of the low income youth that Green City Force is trying to help, Shella Hair had a rough life before joining the program. Shella lived in low income housing provided by the NYCHA, and after finishing high school she saw no clear path ahead. Eventually she followed the example set by many in her local neighborhood and turned to criminal activity to earn money. Like many low income youth Shella did not know what the future held for her.

Soon after joining the Green City Force program Shella Hair completely turned her life around, and she has hope for the future and the inspiration needed to make changes to better herself and her situation now. Today Shella is a college student and dresses in a very professional manner. During a recent presentation she spoke very eloquently in front of a room full of lawyers, and the poise that Shella displayed was incredible.

We hope the information in this piece will help to inspire a conversation between you and your kids on the value of community service for youths, our cities, our nation and especially our environment.

  • Do you find inspiration in the Green City Force community service program for low income youth? Why or why not?
  • Would you be willing to donate your time, money or other resources to Green City Force or other community service organizations? Why or why not?
  • How important do you think climate change is? Community service is and Why?
  • Is the unemployment rate for low income youth unacceptable? What can you do to help with this problem in your local community?
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