Harvest Power

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Noah Greenblatt

Noah Greenblatt

Imagine turning the banana peel you just threw out into energy that can power your home. Imagine turning the grass that you just mowed into fertilizer for your garden. Paul Sellew founded Harvest Power with the vision of doing just that. Harvest Power’s mission is to maximize the use of every organic waste product in order to make a positive impact on the environment. Harvest Power’s goal is to transform the way that our waste is used from a wasteful manner to a constructive manner.

Harvest Power collects organic waste, which it then transforms into either energy or products such as mulch, fertilizer, and soil, among others.  They even sell baseball diamond infield mix! Harvest Power has made strides in terms of revenue as well. The company grew from making a few million dollars in revenue to over one hundred million dollars in revenue. Harvest Power exemplifies the possibility of making a positive impact on the environment and making a profit, simultaneously.

Harvest Power is revolutionizing the ways that people use and repurpose seemingly useless items. Next time you throw away your banana peel think of all the power that it possesses!

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