Heartwarming Kindness

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Anna Greenblatt

Anna Greenblatt

Tim McGraw posted this video which shows the scene outside a teacher’s window when 400+ students joined him for worship one Wednesday morning. Ben Ellis has been teaching Latin and Bible studies at a high school, and continued teaching while undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments to battle his illness. The principal of the school gathered all of the students and provided transportation to take over 400 kids to Ben’s house. The entire student body sang “Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here”, while Ben watched and cried from his window.

This story shows the tremendous kindness of all involved in an act that truly displayed a heartwarming scene. These high school students gave back to their teacher in the best way possible, in such a situation. The gathering surely had an extreme impact on Ben Ellis. It is deeds like these that should be shared and replicated by others. Thank you to the school and its students for such a great lesson. And thank you to Ben Ellis for being such an inspirational teacher to so many of those students.

*This article is posted in memory of Ben Ellis who passed away in September.

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