Helping Comes First

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Anna Greenblatt

Anna Greenblatt

Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin have become famous names from the 2016 Rio Olympics, not for receiving a medal but for an even better reason. D’Agostino, an American runner, was put to the ultimate test of sportsmanship, and passed with flying colors when Hamblin, a runner from New Zealand,  tripped, pushing D’Agostino to the ground with her. D’Agostino got up and rather than continue running, she remained to help Hamblin up.  She went even further as to help Hamblin make it to the finish line, who hurt her leg so badly that she was unable to continue running.

Abbey D’Agostino displayed a true act of kindness, one that should be an inspiration to all of us. She gave up the fame and honor of winning a medal, something she trained for over the course of much of her life, and she gave it all up to help a competitor. Not only that, but she held no grudge towards Nikki for having caused her to fall after Nikki tripped. What a great message of how competitors and strangers can work together to make the world a better place.

Please watch and share the video of this inspirational story. The link can be found here:

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