Helping Others Means Caring About Their Problems and Well Being

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Helping Others Means Caring About Their Problems and Caring About Their Well Being. I came across a very odd quote the other day. Based on this quote, it seems that some people believe that no one cares about the problems of others, but I do not believe this is true.

Coach Lou Holtz on Helping Others Who Have Problems

When the Minneapolis Star Tribune quoted football coach Lou Holtz he reportedly said,

Lou Holtz in July 2007. Cropped version of Ima...

Lou Holtz in July 2007. Cropped version of Image:Lou Holtz.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Never tell your problems to anyone. 20% don’t care and the other 80% are glad you have them.”

I strongly disagree with this sentiment, and I think that this is actually the opposite of the real truth. I think that at least 80% of people indeed do care about the problems other people have and want to help others, and I would hope that this number would be at least 95%.

There will always be some who are indifferent when it comes to helping others who have problems, but I think these are the minority in the world and that most people would make an effort to help others and assist them with their problems.

Everyone Has Problems and Helping Others is a Common Responsibility

Everyone has a responsibility to help others and show concern for the problems of others, this is part of our responsibility as a member of the human race.

Sometimes, in order to help someone, all it takes is for you to take the time to listen to that person’s problems. Other times you may actually be able to help by suggesting an appropriate solution. Helping others with their problems can also boost the way that you feel, because compassion is contagious and spreads quickly.

How Much Time do You Spend Helping Others?

How much time do you spend each week helping others or caring about their problems instead of your own? Sometimes, when you listen to the problems of others and think about ways to help them out, your own worries and concerns may seem much smaller and less important. We all have a responsibility to make an effort towards helping others whenever possible.

  • Do you make an effort to listen to the problems other people have, even if you cannot help in any other way?
  • How often do you ask others if there is anything wrong or if you can help them out?
  • What percentage of people do you think care about helping others?
  • Have you ever wanted to get away when someone is talking about their problems? What did you do?
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