The Impact a Book Can Make

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Anna Greenblatt

Anna Greenblatt

Books can spark imagination. For centuries books have transported people into different lives, time periods, places, and cultures. Books have introduced people to the larger world and have expanded their knowledge beyond what they are accustomed to. Books have encouraged people to dream and to live up to their potential, to make a difference and do what they can to improve the world. Books are often a positive source of inspiration to children who are exposed to them. But what about those children who live in communities that lack access to books and the inspiration that can come from books?

This is a question that Nila Tanzil, a fisherman in a small Indonesian village, asked herself one day. Her answer was to found the Rainbow Reading Gardens. Nila was upset that the children in her village didn’t have access to books. She had grown up in a household that was very fond of books and she spent most of her childhood free time reading. Nila explained that books helped her become the woman she is today and they increased her awareness of the possibilities the world has to offer.

Knowing the importance of books to the life of a child and the changes books can make, Nila established a children’s library in Flores, in eastern Indonesia. She wanted to give children a chance to dream big and learn more. Her idea soon turned into a chain of libraries set up all over eastern Indonesia. Twenty-nine libraries throughout fourteen islands that reach six-thousand children have become part of a non-profit organization called the the Rainbow Reading Gardens. The organization aims to encourage and nurture children’s interest in reading by providing access to good books. The organization knows that books can inpsire, broaden children’s horizons and motivate them to reach their dreams. We wish Nila and The Rainbow Reading Garden much success in their efforts!

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