Inspiring Children and Teens at the British Museum

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There is an important saying that says, “In order to prepare for the future, we must

The main block and facade of the British Museu...

The main block and facade of the British Museum was designed by Robert Smirke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

understand out past.” The British museum not only fulfills this quote, they make it fun and engaging for the entire family.

My family and I recently took a trip the British museum and we were amazed at what we found there. The British museum is a massive institute which covers more than two million years of world history and boosts over two million artifacts.

Something for Everyone at the British Museum

The British Museum is a place that you can your children and teens can spend hours and always find something new and exciting to see. There are also activities for families and children to enjoy together which you can enjoy while you share and learn with your teens the importance of the world’s history.

The British Museum, Room 55 - Cuneiform Collec...

The British Museum, Room 55 – Cuneiform Collection, including the Epic of Gilgamesh. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The British Museum has something for everyone. They offer activities which allow families to make replicas of ancient artifacts (such as cuneiform tablets), photography contests; they also offer free tours and talks throughout the day. Your children and teens will have the opportunity to engage in trails that average 30-40 minutes which covers many different cultures of world history. The British Museum’s way of motivating is by making activities fun and interesting, which will be noticeable even in your teen’s behavior.

Everyone has their favorite era of world history and each are faithfully represented at The British museum. Whether you enjoy personally viewing paintings done by Michelangelo, looking at sunken treasure which has been recently uncovered after being lost for hundreds, or thousands of years, or viewing ancient artifacts from ancient civilizations; the British Museum has it all with over 2 million objects to view.

The British Museum Inspiring Thoughts

The British Museum is the complete experience for anyone looking for a great education place to their family for vacation. Being in the museum itself invoked inspirational thoughts in both my wife and I, as well as with our children and teens. We were moved by how many families had gathered at the museum on the day we went; each of the families were there sharing and passing along culture and information which had been passed down for generation upon generation. The British museum is filled with smiling children working together with parents, working together to unravel the mysterious of the past through positive thoughts initiated by fun, engaging activities.

Visit the British Museum and Inspire your Children and Teens

If your next vacation brings you anywhere close to London, you owe it to yourself and your family to visit The British Museum. You will inspire even your teens who may view museums as boring; and transform their attitudes towards museums forever as they enjoy interacting and learning with you about the important history of the world.

  • What is your opinion on the museums you have visited?
  • What are some things a museum could do to make the visit more interesting for you and your family?
  • What is the most interesting object or artifact you have seen in a museum?
  • What is your favorite era of history?
  • Why is it important to share history and culture?
  • Have you been to the British Museum and would you like to share your experience with us all?
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