Inspiring Speech by Canadian Minister Baird Denouncing Terrorism and Reminding Us About Common Human Values

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Recently a speech by Canadian Minister John Baird touched on the topic of courage against discrimination in all forms, and the shared values that all human beings share in this world. Many found this speech inspiring.

Speech Talks About Ending Discrimination and Showing Courage and Humanity Towards Everyone

Canadian Minister Baird started speaking about recent atrocities in the world and the discrimination that some show towards others. “As we gather near Ground Zero, site of the World Trade Center mass murder, I wish first to honor the victims of terrorism. I honor all victims, everywhere, including those killed and wounded at the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi.”

Baird went on to say “The crime of terror is an assault on all people. And, in its wake, the human family is one. One in pain. One in mourning. One in our resolve that evil will never triumph. At this moment of grief, the oneness of humankind is the theme of my remarks today.”

Ancient Tyg Shows The Courage And Values of Humanity Through Time

Minister Baird described how in archeological settlements in a certain part of Canada, a common item found from the past is the Tyg, a drinking cup that has multiple handles. In times past eating utensils were shared. These artifacts show that human beings shared from necessity, and had to cooperate in order to survive. Humans form communities because that is the natural state, and socialization is part of this.

Sharing Has Always Been a Human Necessity

CanadianSpeechSince the earliest days of man, sharing and fighting against discrimination have been values that are held dear. In early times sharing ensured the survival of our species and made life easier for humanity. The tyg symbolizes the fact that eating and drinking are social activities, and these artifacts are a reminder that mankind must rely on one another for survival. Man has formed communities as a way to protect each other and provide assistance.

Canadian Minister Baird went on to say “Peace, prosperity and freedom—these are indeed the conditions that have been sought by human communities from the beginning of recorded time: To live in peace. To live in prosperity. To live in freedom. The global family will never achieve the prosperity that is our full potential unless we address the peace and security concerns that shackle human opportunity.”

Baird implored everyone to pitch in: “Everyone has an interest in contributing to the solution, because peace and security ultimately ensure the freedom of the individual. Freedom from oppression. Freedom from discrimination. Freedom to worship, to think, to speak, to love, to believe. Freedom to be.” He stressed that those who suffer around the world from hunger, and who lack clean water, or are kept down in society should be offered assistance by others.  “They need to know that their brothers and sisters in humankind will walk with them through the darkness.”

Some Points To Ponder

  • Do you have the courage to stand against discrimination in any form?
  • Would you speak up in defense of others or keep quiet in the hopes that you were not noticed?
  • Does every human have a responsibility to stand up for humanity and the values that we all should share? Why or why not?
  • What values do you think the tyg reflects? Are these values still the same today?
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