Inspiring Videos


Hairdresser for the Homeless

Julia Greenblatt

Julia Greenblatt

Unfortunately, many homeless people are ignored on the streets. People walk right by them without a second glance. But Josh Coombes, a hairdresser in London, not only sees them, he connects with them.

Josh carries his hairdressing gear with him when walking around London. When he sees a homeless person, he offers to cut their hair free of charge. He wants to give them the confidence they lack. Josh is doing a wonderfully kind thing. We salute you Josh!


Island of Peace – an encouraging and heartwarming video

This video shows different workers at SodaStream. The workers are Jewish and Muslim, Israeli and Palestinian.  Some are religious and some are not. They speak different languages. In these troubled times, what happens in this video may not be common, but they can be. The video shows the friendships that these SodaStream workers have formed.  A Palestinian worker hugs his Jewish, Israeli co-worker. An Israeli worker befriended her Palestinian manager. It is a wonderful thing that with so much hatred in the world, the workers at SodaStream have formed an “Island of Peace”, not only tolerating each other but becoming friends with each other. I think that everyone can learn from the amazing friendships in the SodaStream workforce – a heartwarming  co-existence that defies the troubled times of today.


Parker Mantell Indiana University Commencement Speech

Parker Mantell has quite an impressive resume for a 22 year old barely college graduate.To hear his introduction to give the commencement address at his University of Indiana ceremony this past spring, sets you up to expect the ordinary all-American high achiever, future leader and inspiring young person. Parker Mantell is all of those things but one, and that’s “ordinary.”

Doubt Kills Dreams – But You Can Overcome Anything

Parker suffers from a stutter, but his speech impediment doesn’t stop him from giving a powerful speech to thousands of people here. His words and his poise are both equally inspiring and Mr. Manteel teaches us that we are capable of anything we set our minds to. We recommend you check out our other recent video on “Mushy” Asghar and his touching victory over a speech difficulty.


Best Shift Ever: Waitress Receives Life-Changing Tip

Chelsea Roff is, or rather was, a waitress at a local restaurant. Having spent much of her young life struggling with an eating disorder, Chelsea transformed her life partly through the practice of yoga, and has helped teach other women to do the same. Her hard work was done selflessly and without anticipation of a reward, though a wonderful one came her way nonetheless.

Helping another person is its own reward

An online prank show decided to use its hidden cameras for good and “prank it forward” as accomplices set up Chelsea for the shift of a lifetime. See her candid reactions as she experiences amazing tip after amazing tip and watches her life transform over the course of an afternoon. While not all good work gets (or needs to be) rewarded, it is still a lot of fun to see a deserving recipient receive the gift of a lifetime.