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Kenneth Shinozuka: Wearable Sensors for an Aging Society

Kenneth Shinozuka, 15, is the winner of the 3rd annual Scientific American Science in Action Award, as part of the annual Google Science Fair. Read our in depth article about this year’s scientific undertakings here. The event showcases amazing innovations pioneered by children, and encourages curious minds to grow their futures, as well as that of the planet.

Through knowledge we empower ourselves

Kenneth’s innovative design was inspired by his grandfather, who has Alzheimer’s disease. He developed super-thin sensors that could be incorporated into a sock or shoe and transmit a warning signal to a caretakers smartphone if the wearer wanders off. This is a touching example of how those in our lives can help push us to do good, and that in turn we may benefit a great number of people.


One Stitch Closer: Veronika Empowers Other Women

Veronika Scott, 24, is the CEO and founder of The Empowerment Plan. This Detroit-based business seeks to teach women of their own personal value and enable them to seek their own dreams. She helps those who have fallen on hard times to realize that they can create their own solutions by believing in themselves.

We can empower each other to greatness

Veronika’s original plan to design and manufacture a coat for the homeless was eclipsed by her realization that the greater gift would be to provide jobs, training and support for the same individuals she was seeking to clothe. Now she does both in a way that seeks to address the systemic problems of homelessness through outreach to the community.




My Philosophy for a Happy Life – Sam Berns

Sam berns gave this TED talk at the age of 17, as a high school junior and the public face of a rare disease called progeria. More than just raising awareness for his illness, Sam explains his philosophy for living a life centered on happiness and gratitude that we would all do well to hear.

We Choose How to Define Our Lives

Sam refused to allow his disease to define him and worked to overcome limitations others said he never would. He lived the life he chose to and didn’t focus on his illness and what made him different, but rather his dreams and what made him happy. A gifted speaker, he shares a powerful message in this talk.

In Memoriam: Sam Berns passed away on January 10, 2014. We thank him for the inspiration he provided all of us, a bright flame that will not be forgotten.



Educating Yorkshire: Mushy Finds His Voice

On Educating Yorkshire’s: “Mushy Finds His Voice”, we see that 17-year-old Musharaf “Mushy” Asghar, a student at Britain’s Thornhill Academy has dreams of becoming a teacher. There were times when it seemed inconceivable, as the young man’s stammer made speaking his own name an arduous task. Here we witness a breakthrough in his speech education, as he is able to address his entire class amid tearful appreciation.

Mushy Finds His Voice Shows Anything is Possible
Mushy finds his voice and shows us all just what is possible with help and patience. While many had written him off as someone who would never be able to speak publicly, kind and committed educators found a way to connect. We would all do well to help foster such an air of love and support with our peers, and thank our teachers for the support they provide.

INSPIRED: Fresh Paper

All great ideas start from somewhere. This idea was born from a natural remedy and, thanks to an inquisitive mind and a desire to preserve more or our planet’s resources, grew into something even greater. In this video Kavita Shukla discusses how she invented Fresh Paper and the impact it could have.

Invent and Inspire

Kavita began distributing Fresh Paper when she was only 12 years old. This is encouraging to young people with big ideas and shows that anyone can bring their ideas to life when they’re inspired.


World’s Toughest Job

In this video you’ll see candidates being interviewed for a job position entitled “Director of Operations.”
As the interview quickly progresses, you’ll find the duties include such demands as “constantly being on your feet, constantly bending over, constantly exerting yourself” for 130 to unlimited hours a week. No breaks available.
Degrees sought: medicine, finance, culinary arts.
No breaks.
No days off.

And this was just the start of the interview!

Who Has The Toughest Job?

Like most interview candidates these folks asked a barrage of questions (like “is that even legal?” for example). It took a while before sorting things out, but when the job position finally became clear confusion turned to laughter and more than a few moments of reflection. Watch this video and ask yourself who really has the toughest job?


Walgreens in Tanzania with Shot@Life

We always hear kids say “when I get bigger…” or “when I grow up…” But what if your children lived in a world where the common thought is “if I get bigger” or “if I grow up?” In Tanzania and other low-resource countries, vaccine-preventable illnesses account for 20% of all childhood deaths.

Walgreens Donates Vaccines

With a collaboration between the U.N. Foundation, Walgreens has developed the “Get a Shot, Give a Shot” program which has so far enabled them to supply over three million vaccines to people in need. Now children in Tanzania are able to say to themselves, “when I grow up I want to be,” well, whatever they aspire to be!


The Mom Song

Being a mom means taking all sorts of different responsibilities and filling many different roles. Just because it is serious business doesn’t mean it can’t provide a good chuckle now and again. Anita Renfroe has treated us with a funny and lighthearted rendition of a day’s worth of “momisms” rolled into one amusing song any parent can relate to.

The Mom Song a Source of Laughter and Reflection

Watch this video and let us know if you find yourself thinking back to some of your own childhood moments, or perhaps reflecting on your own “momisms” if you are a mother yourself. We’d love to hear your reaction. Also, any busy mother will be glad to know that Anita realizes you only have 2 minutes and 55 seconds to spare.


Hyeonseo Lee: My Escape From North Korea

Few people know much about the people who live in North Korea. This powerful glimpse behind the curtain helps explain some of what life there is like, from the voice of a woman who was really there and fled at the age of 14. Both parents and teens will find this fascinating and identify with the powerful emotions.

North Korea from a Firsthand Perspective

Beware that some of this may go over the heads of younger children. We recommend parents watch this video first to confirm you will find it suitable content for your teens


The Heart of a Teacher

Teachers often leave a lasting impression. I’m sure many of you can recall a teacher from your past who influenced or impacted you in one way or another. And for those of you still in school, I bet you can name at least one teacher who magically makes you interested in what they have to say. These men and women who help shape and guide young minds each day make such a difference not only in the classroom but life afterward, and this video does a fantastic job of reminding us just how special they are.

A Teacher Can Change Lives

Teachers do more than dictate facts – they find ways to inspire. They create an environment within the classroom that encourages children and teens to think creatively and feel comfortable opening up. Do you remember your favorite teacher? What were some of the qualities that made him or her stand out? How do you see these qualities facilitating a richer learning environment. Let us know, we’d love to hear from you!