What Our Kids Can Learn from Zappos – 10 Top Values from the World’s Biggest Online Shoe Company and How to Apply Them

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Who hasn’t heard of Zappos, an innovative company famous for their best practices in customer service and employee loyalty? What many people don’t know is that Zappos is also a company that places a high priority on their core values. Success is a direct result of Zappos focusing on different values than other shoe and most other online retailers.

These core values have helped Zappos succeed in a variety of ways and has helped make them one of the most admired and profitable online retailers in America. Zappos’ core values are things that all teens and children should learn and learn to admire. By implementing these principles Zappos has become a company with a positive environment, attitude and one of the more sought after places of employment.

The Zappos family is like any other, a selection of individuals who all share the same core values and beliefs. Kids can benefit from having the same core values that this company has, and these principles will help your teens succeed in life and in their goals. They have helped Zappos create a unique culture in the workplace, and this works at fostering creativity and success from the employees. The core values that Zappos has set for the company are included in every aspect. The brand image and the business strategies utilized follow these principles very closely.


Check out the following Ten Core Values that Zappos insists on. They are also great for children to learn and use daily (some of these have been edited by the author of this blog, but they all are based on the principles of Zappos and can be found at

  1. Be humble. Do you like a braggart? No! No one does. Humility is a trait that will help you get far and gain you many friends. It is one of the most important core values, and one that many great men and women in the past have displayed.
  2. Embrace change and be a driving factor behind it. This will help kids learn to be a leader and to change things when it is needed.
  3. Provide service that Wows. Over-deliver! When you offer an exceptional service success and popularity will follow. Many companies today do not insist on exceptional service as one of their core values and this is evident in the consumer experience they deliver.
  4. Always pursue personal growth and never stop learning. No matter how old you may be, this core value is invaluable, whether it is a company like Zappos or as an individual, you will be successful as a result.
  5. Keep an open mind, be adventurous, and stay creative.
  6. Use communication to develop open and honest relationships with others. You cannot over communicate, and there are no stupid questions. Communication is the key to building positive relationships and preventing any problems or negative attitudes, and with time and practice, you will get good at communicating.
  7. Create a team that is positive and that has a family spirit. One negative member can change the entire attitude and relationship of the team, and this can hurt productivity and morale.
  8. Use less to do more. Conserve what you have, and don’t waste the available resources and do not waste or squander these resources. Some of the best people in history had plenty, but they were frugal and used their resources wisely.
  9. Create some fun and even a little weirdness in the workplace.
  10. Be determined in reaching your goals, and passionate about what you do. If something does not work for you, try another approach until you succeed.

The following questions about core values are designed to inspire thought and provoke discussion:

  • Which of the 10 Zappos core values do you think is the most important? Why?
  • Which of the 10 Zappos core values do you think is the least important? Why?
  • Why do you think it is important that kids learn these core values?
  • Do you know of any other companies that have the same core values that Zappos does?
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