Ivanka Trump #womenwhowork

Learning From and Appreciating #WomenWhoWork

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Ivanka Trump has long been a symbol of strength and professionalism, as well as an inspiration to women and girls everywhere. She is widely known for her business savvy and philanthropic endeavors, however not as many know about her “other jobs” as a wife, mother and active parent in a busy household. Her latest venture is founding a campaign which recognizes celebrates “Women Who Work.”

The campaign shares the inspiring stories of 14 women at the cutting edge of industry, who also lead amazing lives while “off the clock.” Watch this important video to learn a bit about these women and the powerful message they have to convey. Other women are encouraged to record their own short video sharing their “extended job title” in which they recognize that they are not just, for instance, a “regional manager,” but rather a “regional manager – mother of three – dog lover – yoga enthusiast – chef in training – lover of art who can’t get enough crossword puzzles.”

The whole idea is to recognize the modern woman as multidimensional and celebrate both the ambition and the diversity of this inspiring population. Women work hard and become accomplished professionals, but also have personal passions and home lives of their own choosing. While many years ago women were discouraged from working, followed by an era of women breaking into the workforce against the odds and through incredible effort, the modern woman does not have to choose between work and home. This campaign celebrates the uniqueness associated with this choice and the opportunities for a personal notion of success.

#WomenWhoWork Campaign About Achieving Goals, Living Life

The campaign encourages women to share their stories to inspire others, and show that it is possible to have everything that one wants, whatever that may be. If you are a working woman please share your passions and #JoinTheConversation on #WomenWhoWork. Tag your friends and associates, prompting them to do the same. This helps show other women what is possible. This campaign is also a great way to show girls and teens who aspire to have rich lives filled with all their interests that they can achieve these goals.

ivanka trump #womenwhowork

Women Who Work urges all women to be proud of their achievements and help kindle those of the next generation, to be part of that community and recognize Women Who Work in all aspects of their lives. As the women whose faces launched the campaign point out, there is no separation of family, home, friends, work and life. Everything melds together and finds a way to work. While the campaign celebrates the accomplishments of women, it doesn’t necessarily emphasize the “super woman” who can have it all, but rather stresses that any woman can have exactly what she wants. We all have our own hopes, dreams and passions, our own version of “it all.” Success is not some abstract ideal we compare ourselves to, but whatever we choose for it to be based on our own truth. “Women Who Work” shows us all that women have the power to succeed on their own terms and to their own level.

Teens – talk to your mothers; husbands – talk to your wives; men and women – talk to your friends, colleagues and children. The women from this program and the women in our real lives deserve recognition and have so much to teach us. We should listen to their stories and hear both how they have achieved and why. Boys and men have much to appreciate, while girls and women have much to emulate.

We thank Ivanka Trump and #WomenWhoWork for providing such a powerful example and for helping us to formulate our priorities.

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