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Noah Greenblatt

Noah Greenblatt

Everyone possess a talent, something that is unique to themselves, and that they enjoy doing. Using one’s talent can be a powerful tool in helping to make a difference in other people’s lives. Paige Chenault is a woman who chose to use her talent to help out those in need, and is a role model we can all learn from.

One of the most memorable moments of childhood is blowing out the candles at a birthday party. With friends and family surrounding the birthday child, this custom is an important part of many birthday celebrations. Unfortunately, there are many children throughout the country that are not able to have birthday parties, who have no friends or family to celebrate with, and whose birthdays go by without celebration. Paige Chenault, founder of The Birthday Party Project, sought to change that reality by throwing birthday parties for homeless children.

While traveling to a client’s birthday party, Paige came across a picture of a starving child whose stomach was bloated from malnutrition. This image made a powerful impact on Paige, and she began to contemplate how she could help out homeless children. Paige decided to use her party planning talents to throw birthday parties for homeless children.

After much time spent planning, Paige launched The Birthday Party Project in 2012.The first party took place in a Dallas homeless shelter that Paige and her friends decked out to look very festive. The party was thrown on behalf of eleven children, and there were over 60 children in attendance. The project was an instant hit and began to expand across the country.

The parties have a tremendous impact on these children’s lives, and they impact Paige as well. In fact, one of Paige’s favorite moments is when a child blows out the birthday candles because “they really get a chance to dream big.”

Paige’s story is inspiring and teaches us to be generous and use our talents and skills in a way that can help out other people. Please check out The Birthday Party Project’s website and see how you too can help make a difference.

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