Make Your Thanksgiving Meaningful

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Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for families to take the time to reflect on the things we have – not the material goods – but the love of family, the opportunities we enjoy, and the comfort of home. The Thanksgiving holiday and the upcoming holiday season, should also be one in which charity is in the front of our minds. Among the tasks we have as parents is to raise our children to be mindful of what they have, to be cognizant of what others do not, and to figure out ways to help others.

Below we share some our our most popular articles from the past year. While some of them represent tough subjects to tackle, as a way to respond with positivity to so much difficult material, we encourage all families to take advantage of the holiday season to not only discuss, but to give back. Enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner, and discuss important issues. While many will soon turn to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we encourage you to think about opportunities to give. We humbly offer our suggestion of a charity you might consider below.

#GivingTuesday was created by the 92nd Street Y cultural center in New York City, in order to promote giving, social change, and the unity of our communities. They seek to bring together nonprofits, civic organizations, businesses and corporations, as well as families and individuals to foster a spirit of charity and affect change in our communities. Celebrate #GivingTuesday as a chance to make a contribution to the world we live in and show our children their potential to make a real difference. Use this article and the holiday of Thanksgiving as a first step towards spreading your family’s light into the world and making its mark.

Wishing you an enjoyable and meaningful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner Primer

In recognition of the Thanksgiving holiday and the fantastic opportunity it presents for multiple generations to share each others’ company and conversation, we have collected some of our most popular articles for you to share and enjoy as a family before, during or after your meal. These all relate to key topics from the world today and timeless values we should share with our children:

Also be sure to check out our Charity Channel, for more great stories of giving back to make your holidays more meaningful.

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