Mom teaches children not to share?? [Female; Age 14; NJ]

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A 14 year old girl recently sent us this comment.  In it she relates something she heard about a rather unusual parenting style.  Most of us grew up learning that we should share, so this story gives us pause.  Here is what she said…

You've Got to Share Songs for Children

You’ve Got to Share Songs for Children (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is imperative to teach children the importance of sharing. Recently a mother told her children that they did not need to share. While it is not my business to comment on this mother’s parenting, I disagree with what she is teaching her children. If people do not teach their children to share, the children  will grow up not sharing. What starts out as a little stinginess, can end up making a child self-centered and selfish. A child does what he or she is taught to do and if the child is taught that not sharing is ok, then the child will grow up not sharing. Even as an adult, he will not share. It takes two people to make a friendship work. Whether that means sharing toys, sharing clothes, sharing good times, or sharing mutual respect, sharing is really important. It is crucial to teach children to share or the world will become be a very selfish place.


Is Sharing to be Taught or Discouraged?

As this girl relates, the mother was teaching her children the opposite of what most of us are taught–she taught her children NOT to share.  Indeed, whereas we certainly believe that sharing is the best way, we certainly would love to hear comments about this unusual story.

  • Do you believe sharing is a superior way to live?
  • If not, why not?
  • If so, why?
  • Should parents teach their children to share or not to share or should this attitude be allowed to develop independent of parental guidance?
  • Are there benefits/advantages to people and society when others share or consciously choose NOT to share?
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