NJ sports can help open conversations and opportunities for kids

How Sharing Seats and Mike Dube Are Creating Smiles One Kid At A Time

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One sports enthusiast in New Jersey that you may not even know of is changing children’s lives by putting big smiles on children going through rough times.

As a volunteer for Saving Seats, Mike Dube is always on the lookout for ways to make a child’s life brighter, and always interested in hearing about a child who needs some cheering up. Mike has brightened the lives of many families. He hears about these children by word of mouth because typically the family is unknown to him. But Mike’s compassion, enthusiasm and big heart allows him to touch the lives of the children (and their families) in a way that makes them feel special. Some of the children have never even been to a sporting event.

The Compassionate Innovation of Sharing Seats

Sharing Seats was created by Yoni Greenstein, Mike Dube’s close friend, and the concept is simple and pragmatic. If you have sports tickets that you will not be using, Sharing Seats will arrange for a child in need to use those seats, which gives these children a pick me up that is sorely needed. Through the generous spirit of the donors of the tickets, Mike can spread laughter and fun to these children and their families.

Bringing Hope and Joy to Those who Need It

Many of the families that Mike Dube has contacted have a child who is ill or has a disability, and the surprise sporting tickets and an unexpected attention of another person has a great impact. In addition to event tickets, Dube uses his contacts in the sports industry to try to provide jerseys and other team apparel, special activities, and other perks to ensure that each child has a fantastic time. Mike pays attention to such details such as helping the families find suitable parking, arranging for transportation, and sometimes is even able to get team swag bags and other memorabilia for the child.

According to Rachel Dube, Mike has a compassion that runs deep. Rachel told reporters “I knew when I married Mike that he was probably the most passionate person I’d ever met.”

A Smiling Kid Can Make a Difference

Researchers today are coming up with more and more data that shows that there is a direct connection between our emotional wellbeing and our health. Laughter helps a body to relax, it dissolves distressing emotions, relieves pain and boosts immunity. And the best part is that the laughter is free and easy to use.

Dube was quoted as saying “if you’ve got the ability to impact someone’s life for even a minute, you’re fixing the world a little.”

There is something that each of us is good at right now. Each of us can help someone else smile a little more, especially someone in need, and we have the tools around us to do this. For Mike Dube it is his enthusiasm for sports and passion for kindness that allows him to connect the young fans with what they want and like.

What can you find in your surroundings that another child or someone else in need may want to see or experience? What you do may mean the world to someone else. And remember Mike’s message, and let’s try to fix the world a little, especially the parts of the world that we touch!

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