Show and Tell What the Good in Life is All About

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Some videos can create great moments for sharing about values and the very best that life has to offer those of us who look for it. Today we share a heartfelt video (found below) that will take many parents back, with a nostalgic look at one of TV’s great figures: Fred Rogers (aka Mr. Rogers of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood). It would be nice if all TV (at the very least, TV for kids) could be as it used to be, and how Mr. Rogers believed it could be.

The video opens with a clip from the show, part of an episode that originally aired in February of 1981. Mr. Rogers gets a very special visit from his friend Jeff Erlanger, then about 11 years old. Jeff speaks with Fred Rogers about his physical disabilities, and shows Fred how his electric wheelchair works. It is a touching series of moments, among the most famous in the history of the show. Fred Rogers demonstrates what he does best – put people at ease and act with genuine warmth that comes from a place of loving all people equally. The video goes on to share a portion of Fred Rogers’ acceptance into the TV Hall of Fame in 1999. Jeff Erlanger surprised Fred when he appeared at the ceremony, and Fred broke off from a moment that could have been all about him to share the joy with Jeff. Fred’s acceptance speech also includes important lessons like “treating our neighbor at least as well as we treat ourselves” and “allowing that to inform everything that we produce.”

The video speaks for itself, and we encourage all families to watch it together and share about the lessons it has to offer.

This piece is dedicated in memory of Jeff Erlanger and Fred Rogers. Thank you for the lessons you shared through the lives you lived.

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