sneakers for soldiers

Sneakers for Soldiers

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by Sophia Greenblatt

‘Sneakers for Soldiers’ is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supplying American soldiers with sneakers. Deborah Hausladen, the organization’s founder, came up with the idea after speaking to her son who was serving in Afghanistan. Ms. Hausladen’s son asked for a new pair of sneakers, explaining that his were worn out. When Ms. Hausladen asked about the shoe conditions of his fellow soldiers, her son replied that they were in the same condition. Ms. Hausladen formed ‘Sneakers for Soldiers’ following that phone call with her son.

Soldiers Grateful for Sneakers

Since it’s formation, the organization has sent hundreds of sneakers to soldiers. All of the shoes shipped are designated for a specific soldier, taking into account the soldier’s foot size and the conditions and terrain of wherever that soldier is based. The soldiers who have received shoes from Sneakers for Soldiers are very thankful. One soldier said, “it reminds me that we are not forgotten.” Another sent a note to Ms. Hausladen which read, “I’ll tell you it really does make a difference feeling the love and support of our fellow Americans.” Ms. Hausladen is delighted knowing that something as simple as a pair of shoes gives these soldiers a reason to smile. 

We applaud Ms. Hausladen and all those involved in Sneakers for Soldiers for all of the important work they have done. Sneakers for Soldiers serves as an inspiration for everyone to recognize, remember, and take care of our soldiers. We pray for the safety of our soldiers.

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