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The Social Media Craze: How Do You Communicate and Build Better Relationships?

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Parents and teens today live in an over communicated society, in fact almost everyone does with the current social media craze. Every day there are new channels of communication that become available and avenues for self expression that open up. You are probably aware of at least a few types of social media, and these applications and websites are normally successful in finding the right audience and building better communication between people who share common interests.

Who Uses Social Media Today and Why?

Very few people do not use social media, although the avenue of expression may be vastly different in many cases. Social media today is typically the preferred way for teens, parents, and others to express their thoughts and opinions, but each type of social media may allow this self expression in different ways. You probably hear people talking about different social media on a daily basis, talking about how much they like or hate Facebook or that they have not bothered to sign up for a Twitter account because they already use Pinterest, YouTube, or FourSquare instead.

Social media has been blamed for problems, but it also allows better relationships between individuals who share common interests. Every individual is different and unique in some ways, but a large number of people have managed to find like minded people who flock together and utilize similar resources to connect and communicate. Some social media choices are geared towards teens, others may work better for parents, and some are well liked by most age groups. The social media craze just highlights the differences that we all share.

How Can You Benefit From the Social Media Craze?

In order to benefit from the social media craze and build better relationships you need to find out what works for you. What works well for someone else may not be the best choice in your case. You may feel that Twitter is convenient and efficient or you may view this form of social media as cold and impersonal. You may prefer videos like those found on YouTube, or you may enjoy posting photos or recipes on sites like Pinterest or Instagram.

Look at all of the people around you, your family and friends, and take notice of the differences and the similarities that are present. When you pay attention to what makes others tick and what engages your family and friends then you will build better relationships and communicate more effectively. This will help you build quality friendships and enlarge your social circle, giving you a better quality of life as well. Once you find out what works for you with the social media craze then you do not need to spend time and stay on top of the 20 sources available today, you can just pick the one that works best for you and move on.

What forms of social media do you like and why? Does social media help you stay connected or do you often feel overwhelmed by it?

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