Standing United with the People of France in Their Hour of Darkness and Anguish

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Bastille Day, ordinarily marked by celebrations throughout France, instead turned to horror tonight in the coastal city of Nice.

In what French President François Hollande has characterized as an attack of “terrorist nature,” a 31-year-old immigrant from Tunisia plowed a truck through a crowd of revelers, killing over 80 and injuring dozens. Within minutes, social media accounts associated with the ISIS terrorist group lit up with expressions of jubilation over the carnage. But just as rapidly did condolences and expressions of solidarity pour in from the civilized world.

For the people of southeastern France, especially those wounded in the attack and the families of the deceased, the days and weeks ahead will undoubtedly prove grueling. People will ask “Why?” — bereft of any rational, let alone satisfying, answers. But while answers may elude the victims and their families, compassion most assuredly will not. We stand united with the people of France in their hour of darkness and anguish.

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