The Good To Do

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Anna Greenblatt

Anna Greenblatt

Do you ever ponder the meaning of life at 3 in the morning when you just can’t sleep? Do you ever wonder how you can possibly make a difference in this big world? Well, consider this: There are 7.5 billion people on earth as of the day I am writing this article. If each person did one act of kindness a day, that would certainly be a large step in the direction of bettering our world. came up with a bucket list of sorts that listed 50 do-good deeds anyone can do. The list also includes some thoughts to keep in mind when living your day-to-day life. Here are a few top ideas you can try out. We hope this list helps inspire you. It inspired us!

If you know a colleague is under pressure to wrap up a special project, provide something that will help him or her do this.

Anytime you interact with another person, the first three words in your head should be: help this person.

The timing of your words can be more important than your words. When you choose to communicate often outweighs the words themselves.

What do you love so much that you’d gladly do it all week and happily skip the weekend to keep doing it? Build your career around your answer.

Day after day, be a little bit kinder and a tad wiser than you were the day before.

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