The Importance of Teachers (Male; Age 14; New Jersey)

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Teachers are an important component of one’s life, no matter what age you are. Whether you are learning your ABCs or how to dissect an animal, teachers are instrumental to everyone’s success.

Tips for Teachers from a Teen Student

It is important for a teacher to teach in a way that intrigues the students and gets the students involved. In addition, a teacher has to be a role model. Students model the teacher’s methods and behaviors, which could result in good study habits or bad ones

English: A special education teacher assists o...

English: A special education teacher assists one of her students. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

depending on the teacher. For example, if a teacher returns a test 3 weeks after it was taken, the student will learn to procrastinate and push things off until he or she really have to get it done. Or if the teacher keeps getting distracted from the lesson whether it be by answering texts or changing to an unrelated topic, then the student will not be 100% focused during the lesson. A teacher’s responsibility is to not only teach you about history or math, but also teach you good habits and to be dedicated to your schoolwork.

We can find teachers outside of school in our everyday lives. For example a mentor is a teacher, because he gives over his wisdom and experience in a particular field for your growth and benefit. Even a friend is a teacher, because he or she can help you when you have a problem or give you tips on how to work something out.

Parents Are Teachers

Your parentsare also your teachers. They may not give you homework like your teacher in school does, but they assign you other tasks to help you grow in knowledge and responsibility. For example when parents give you chores to do, they are building up your self reliance for the future when you are no longer living with them. Or when your parents

A Jewish father teaching a child in 19th centu...

A Jewish father teaching a child in 19th century Podolia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

don’t allow you to buy a donut, they are teaching you that occasionally donuts are a good thing but having too much sugar in your diet is not healthy. Another example is when you ask to go to a sleepover party your friend is throwing when you have a test the next day and your parents don’t allow you to go. You are being taught that life isn’t all about having fun, and sometimes you have to give up having a good time to succeed on a project or test.

Those are just a few classic examples of how teaching is so instrumental to one’s growth and how teaching is not only done in the classroom but it happens everyday even at home.

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