Truckers Unite

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By: Avery Greenblatt

Trucking organizations quickly answered the call for help as Hurricane Ian devastated parts of South Florida. Numerous trucking groups worked together to gather and deliver necessary supplies to Florida and assist the recovery efforts.

One of these groups was the Georgia Motor Trucking Association (GMTA). In a press release, the association said “For six years, when crisis strikes, GMTA members and law enforcement have answered the call to donate and contribute to those in need through the Convoy of Car… The impacts of Hurricane Ian are vast, and the ask is big.” Other groups such as Yellow Freight and God’s Pit Crew also worked hard to collect supplies and drive them to Florida.

Carmine Marceno, Lee County Florida Sheriff, was grateful for all the help and support the community received, and said “[w]hat a blessing is that, for people to come from all over when that bell rings, to come help us in Lee County. I can’t say thank you enough again to the people that have been out there, the public outreach and continuous people that want to help.”

The trucking community rose to the occasion during this time of need using their resources and spending significant time to help as many people as possible. Our hats off to these hard working volunteers.

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