unhealthy weight loss in hollywood How Jennifer Lawrence said No

Unhealthy Teen Weight Loss? Or How Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence SAID NO to Hollywood

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Jennifer Lawrence (playing Katniss Everdeen in this popular new movie series) is the well-known star of the Hunger Games. She is now an inspiring role model for teens everywhere when it comes to a healthy body image and dealing with peer pressure to lose weight and be unrealistically thin. In Hollywood, actors and actresses face a lot of pressure to look perfect, and Jennifer Lawrence was no exception.

But here is something many don’t know – instead of putting her health at risk and caving to the pressure of the producers, Jennifer took the courageous move of saying no, risking her career in Hollywood rather than losing weight because she knew that she was healthy and not overweight.

What’s surprising for many is that instead of hurting her career, Lawrence went on to star in the Hunger Games franchise and has attained great success.

How does Jennifer Lawrence Stay in Shape?

The training regimen that this young woman goes through every day in order to stay in top physical shape for the Hunger Games filming is intense, and the star admits that she hates dieting. Teen girls and women everywhere can take inspiration from the stance that Lawrence took by refusing to lose weight for the role. Staying healthy and in good physical condition is more important to the star than giving in to pressure in order to land more roles. Many actresses would have caved and starved themselves. Jennifer Lawrence’s position was refreshing and a lesson to everyone – that you can stay true to yourself and win hearts all over the world.

Teens Now Have One More Positive Role Model in Hollywood They Can Look Up To

Because of Jennifer Lawrence’s popularity as a result of her role in the Hunger Games, her stand on dieting and weight loss in Hollywood is even more inspiring. In an interview with US Weekly, she discussed how the Hunger Games was a huge break for her career. She also describes how she was asked to lose 10 pounds for the role in the Hunger Games. Nevertheless, she denied the request from the studio. And what do you know…her position had no impact on the success of the Hunger Games movie franchise.

The Hunger Games star shows that you can stand up for what you believe and still succeed in Hollywood. The pressures that Jennifer has faced during her career were very intense and even aggressive in some cases. From subtle hints to plainly calling the actress fat to her face, there were many types of intimidation and insults used to try and induce Lawrence to start dieting, but she stood firm.

Today’s teenagers (both girls and boys), face unrealistic expectations when it comes to appearance and weight, and this can lead to a poor body image and low self esteem. Waif thin actresses, models that starve themselves until they are skin and bones, and airbrushed photos in ads and magazines make teens and young adults feel imperfect, and this causes an unhealthy attitude that leads to eating disorders or worse.

Do you think Hollywood causes teens and young adults to have an unhealthy body image?

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