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At Inspire Conversation we like to offer topics to help bring parents and children together in meaningful ways that strengthens and enriches the rapport between them, and through this process help to guide them to flourish into the adults and citizens we hope they will become.

The importance for teens, and all children, is to feel good about themselves, to have a strong sense of who they are and to find their place amongst their peers and in society. So we when we found out about TEDx Youth Day, we wanted to learn more and share it so you could discuss it with your family.

TEDx Youth Day is a series of events designed to empower and inspire young people worldwide, coinciding with Universal Children’s Day on November 20th. Marking its fourth year, Tedx Youth Day will be celebrated this weekend, November 16-17, with over 100 different events worldwide, many organized by and for youths.

Why set aside a day for children? Though it is a wonderful idea to have an occasion celebrated with great enthusiasm and events, especially when it comes to our kids, it is important to know its tradition and why it was established. Universal Children’s Day emerged to protect the rights of children, and as a day to convey to children the awareness that they are respected individuals and that they have a secure place in the world.

Initially announced in 1925, by the World Conference of the Well-Being of Children, Children’s Day was universally established by the United Nations in 1954, and the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was adopted. A global observance to foster a mutual exchange and understanding among children and to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of children

So nearly 60 years on the proof….witnessed by events like TEDx Youth Day and others… we see teens and young people speaking up, helping their communities, creating business, taking their places and inspiring extraordinary changes.

That is not to say that there isn’t room for improvement in the lives of children and teens everywhere around the world today. But it is again a reason why we should have a day to honor the children. To respect their opinions, to cherish their creativity, to encourage their enthusiasm and to instill in them self esteem and courage.

Of course, this is what we hope to promote at Inspire Conversation all 365 days of the year. We hope you do take the time on November 20 to demonstrate to your children how meaningful they are. Maybe together you’ll write up your family’s own unique declaration of rights for kids!

More on TEDx Youth Day

The theme of this year’s TEDx Youth day is “The Spark.” How will you Spark Change? If you want to attend an event happening this weekend near you check their listing of worldwide events.

Or watch one of several webcasts. Here is the live stream site for events at The School at Columbia University.

And if you are (or know of) a young person who plans to watch or attend and are great with social media you might want to volunteer as a reporter. Submit an application here:

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