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The USA Named as Best Country for Social Entrepreneurs

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Noah Greenblatt

Noah Greenblatt

The Thomson Reuters Foundation recently conducted a survey to rank the best countries for social entrepreneurs to thrive in, and the USA was ranked as number one! Social entrepreneurship is a business practice that combines profitability with social impact to produce great outcomes for investors, customers, and beneficiaries. One of the most famous examples of social enterprises is TOMS, the shoe company that sells trendy shoes and provides footwear to impoverished people in third-world countries. Social entrepreneurship is an amazing business strategy that is making a difference all over the world.

Although the news of the USA ranking as the best place for social entrepreneurs is noteworthy and promising, one article noted a few concerns regarding factors that are limiting the large scale growth of social entrepreneurship. One of the article’s primary concerns was the lack of knowledge of what social entrepreneurship really is. One Swedish social entrepreneur named Andy Carnahan believes that “[w]e need this (awareness)… among the public who don’t realize how much good can be done by a for-profit business that has a social good built into its business model.” Carnahan eloquently captures the need for the public to know what social entrepreneurship is and how it is making a significant positive impact on a global basis.

In order to spread the word about social entrepreneurship, will be posting articles about social enterprises from across the world and describing both what these companies are doing and how they are able to profit while making a social impact. We recommend that you read and share these articles to spread the word on social entrepreneurship and give it the recognition that it deserves.

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