Wedding Flowers

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Julia Greenblatt

Julia Greenblatt

A lot of planning goes into creating the perfect wedding. There are many details to oversee, such as finding a wedding hall, making a guest list, and, of course, choosing the flowers. Weddings customarily have lots of flowers, in order to create a beautiful and celebratory  ambiance for the occasion, but most of these flowers go to waste after the event is over. One woman decided to tackle this waste by figuring out a way to extend the use of wedding flowers.

Jennifer Grove, a former event planner, donates leftover flowers to places like hospitals and nursing homes. In her line of work as an event planner, she witnessed firsthand the incredible waste that weddings generate. She wanted to do something good with the flowers, rather than just save them from premature waste. Jennifer’s company, Repeat Roses,  gets so many thank you emails from newlywed couples, their parents, hospice staff, and so on. She said that she is inspired that her work and that of her team “touches the hearts and lives of so many.” Her company picks up leftover flowers from weddings and donates them to places that will appreciate them. Keep up the great work Jennifer & Team!

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