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When I met Congressman Hoyer [Female; Age 14; New Jersey]

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Today I had the experience of meeting a congressman. Congressman Hoyer of Maryland. Congressman Hoyer was kind enough to speak at my neighbor’s house.

Congressman Hoyer was Impressive

English: Congressional portrait of Steny Hoyer.

English: Congressional portrait of Steny Hoyer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was so impressed with how someone so important, someone who is part of the important government body that makes our laws, took time out of his busy schedule to come and talk to us. I am very thankful to have congressmen who take their time to travel to us to discuss politics. I was also very impressed with Congressman Hoyer’s support for Israel, and how he helps get more support for Israel.

I learned how he takes the “freshman” democrats in the House of Representatives to Israel every new term. Not only is this an incredible kindness for him to take the time and travel to Israel with them, but it is such a big help in getting to educate congressman about how amazing Israel is, and why Israel is such an important ally of the United States.

During his speech, Congressman Hoyer quoted one of the freshman democrats who he took to Israel who said as he was leaving the country “when I came, I had Israel on my mind, as I am leaving, I have Israel in my heart”. What an important quote. These words really show how amazing Israel is, and what a tremendous impact it can make on someone’s life after they visit. You get a sense of what miracles are when you are there.

Maybe a reason for this is because you see all the bombs that are directed by terrorist at innocent adults and children. Being a young teen, I did not understand some of the issues and stories that Congressman Hoyer talked about. I was very appreciative that he often paused to explain what he was saying “for the youngsters in the room”. It was very kind of him, and is another example of what a great congressman he is. I really appreciated it!

It was an amazing experience hearing Congressman Hoyer speak and talking with him. I very much appreciated that he came, and all that he does for our congress, our country and Israel.

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