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Identifying what in the news should be talked about and why

This page consists of carefully selected news articles, hand-picked for relevancy to families. Some relate to issues that directly affect children, teens, parents and households, while others reflect topics that we believe to be important subjects for discussion. We believe that being aware of the world around us is an important practice and that following and comprehending current events is a valuable skill. We further encourage that parents and children share in this activity together. Some topics may be difficult for younger people to comprehend or stomach on their own, without parental guidance. All of them seed valuable potential conversations as families share their opinions and explore issues together.

We provide a link to an outside source with great content and a brief summary that may touch on the highlights of the article, a potential message and/or questions for discussion. We will try our best not to tell you what to think, and instead point you to a source and prompt you to form your own opinions and conduct your own discussion.

If there is a piece in the news you would believe to be important and would like us to feature please share with us via We value our readers and would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

  • 8,000 Lights Recreate Berlin Wall for Memorial [NBC News]  – This past week, the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall was commemorated by an art installation retracing the path of the bygone construction with lighted balloons. This powerful visual provides an important time and means to reflect on a dark period in our history and to share more with our children.

  • US Unemployment Rate Lowest in 6 Years [LA Times] – This good news for our children and the economy should help ease nerves, however as the article explains, there are still gaps to close. As teens begin to ponder entering the workforce, an informed and optimistic outlook on the economy will serve them well.

  • Hawaiians Evacuate as Lava Reaches Towns [BBC] – Lava from the Kilauea  Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii has already claimed its first homes. Detailed scientific information as well as pictures both awe inspiring and decidedly sobering accompany this article worthy of family discussion.

  • Risking a Life for TV Ratings [NY Times]  – This past week, daredevil Nik Wallenda risked his life crossing between two buildings in Chicago on a high wire. The widely publicized stunt was a popular live viewing experience on the Discovery Channel. In an age where DVR and internet TV viewing increasingly dominate the market, is a man risking his life the only way to lure live TV viewers? Along with the article, use this video to fuel your family’s discussion of the matter.

  • At Least 24 Perish As Boat Sinks In Black Sea [Reuters](Parents Note: Please review before sharing with your children, not recommended for those under the age of 14) This is a true tragedy, and it also serves to shine a spotlight on a major issue too often ignored. The boat in question was packed with migrants. Many of the deceased were victims of horrible conditions, fleeing to a better life. This story forces us all to discuss just how to handle such issues and avoid similar tragedies.

  • Mammoth Skull Found In Idaho []  – On the scientific front, archaeologists have discovered a massive, intact skull belonging to a wooly mamoth in Idaho. Great pictures accompany this piece and all with an interest in history and/or science will enjoy exploring this together.

  • Company Founder Printed And Drove A Car [Inc.]  – Jay Rogers of “Local Motors” worked with his team to design and produce a working automobile that could be fabricated in “microfactories.” The car was designed collaboratively online, and created on 3D printers in these mini facilities that lack traditional large scale equipment. This could hold big implications for the future of manufacturing and the decentralization of more types of businesses, including those with physical products.

  • Pakistan’s Malala Yousafzai and India’s Kailash Satyarthi Win Nobel Peace Prize [DOGOnews] – While this news may be a couple of weeks old, we wanted to share a resource that reported it in a particularly accessible way. This engaging article is written in a way that will be sure to engage a teenage audience. Considering this amazing story involves a teenager and the the youngest ever recipient of the prize, young people should take note and see what they can learn from this story. It is one that inspires all of us and tells us that no matter how young we are, or how insurmountable a problem seems, there is hope.

  • Phone Hackers Dial And Redial To Steal Billions [NY Times]  – This new incarnation of an old scam is troubling to say the least. Hackers are using less protected local phone lines at small businesses to rack up large bills on premium pay phone services. Even more troubling than the scam, is the fact that current legislature doesn’t guarantee that the victims will be reimbursed for the fraudulent charges. This is yet another example of the abuse of technology and the difficulty of legislature to keep up with those who would exploit it.

  • The Berlin Wall is Going Back Up []  – Before you get too alarmed, please note that the new “wall” will be made of lighted balloons and will serve as an art/cultural installation. To mark the 30th anniversary of the night the wall went up, Berlin will once again be (symbolically) divided between East and West by an exhibit that will feature historical footage and personal anecdotes. This serves as an excellent opportunity for young people to learn about history, as well as discuss a powerful work of art attempting to make sense of a dark time. Interested in visiting during the installation? See some outstanding Berlin Itineraries for families here.


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