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If You Are Wearing and Returning Items You Buy – Here Are 5 Reasons Not To Do It

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Recently, some stores have started new return policies for clothing and accessories, and these changes are needed in order to prevent customers from buying high ticket items, wearing them to an event, and then returning the items soon afterward.

The new store return policies center around highly visible devices, and if this device is removed, then the customer cannot return the item for a refund. It is seemingly impossible to wear the item and hide the device. Leaving the device visible would defeat the image the customer is trying to create at the event. Could you imagine the looks that a visible device would cause at a black tie event? But what started the need for this new device?? Why would someone think that they could buy something, wear it, and then return it and get their money back?

Here are our top 5 reasons not to buy something with the intention of returning it after you have used it:

1. You Will Know What You Did Even if Others Do Not

If you wear an item and then return it, no one else may know that you did this, but you will and you have to live with yourself and look in the mirror each morning. Impressing strangers at a party is not worth feeling bad or living with guilt for actions that go against your honesty and integrity. Remember, if you cheat in life you are only cheating yourself and guilt will follow you wherever you go.

2. When You Wear an Item and Then Return It You are Being Dishonest

Honesty and integrity are important because it makes you a better person. Someone who believes in principles and who is honest is a person that others want to know and be around.. If you wear an item and then return it, you are being dishonest. The practice of wearing something and then returning it may seem like a small thing but it is much bigger than you may think. If you compromise your honesty and integrity once, then it may happen again (and again), and being dishonest is not the way to succeed in life. Returning things after wearing them to an event lowers your standards, and may cause teens and adults to think that this is an easy (though thoroughly improper) way to get the finer things in life.

3. If You Want Something, You Should Be Willing to Work and Earn It

If you want a clothing item or accessory then you should work to earn it as a reward, not wear an item and then return it. When you work hard for something you will value it much more. If you simply buy the item to use for a single event and then return it then you will not get to appreciate what it took to get it, and of course you cannot wear it to other events.

4. You do Not Need to Impress Others With Material Items

Some people wear an item and then return it because they want to make a favorable impression or look like someone who is incredibly successful. Material things will not make you a success though, and someone who is only impressed with the monetary value of your clothing items is not a true friend anyway. A true friend will value you for who you are, for the spark in your eyes or your witty personality, not what you spend or how you dress. Having said that, good grooming is still important and you should always try look neat and tidy in public and not like you woke up a few minutes ago.

5. Costs Go Up for Everyone Because of this Practice

If you wear an item and then return it, you are raising costs for everyone, including yourself. When items are returned then the store employees must inspect the item and then place it back in stock. The refund also makes accounting more complex and more expensive. These costs are spread out among all of the store customers and can raise prices. You may not think that this is a big deal right now but when you get ready for your next shopping trip and find out that the little black dress you wanted went up in price it will hit home.

How do you feel about buying and returning items on a consistent basis? Please share your comment with us. We really want to know what you think.

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