What Is This Site Really About?

One of the main purposes of Inspire Conversation is to help parents in their quest to raise children who live compassionate and ethical lives and act with empathy towards others. The stories included on this site are usually random, come from a variety of sources and are inspired by what we read and see, as well as the people we are fortunate to interact with. The common denominator is that they all can help you in your quest to expose your children to what is important in life, and to help mold your children into adults who want to better their community and, hopefully, have a great impact beyond their community.

How Can You Use This Site?

Most of the blogs are discussed at our own table. Our children have their own opinions about these topics. Many times they agree with one another (and with us), and other times there is respectful disagreement. Reading these blogs together with your children will be an excellent bonding experience. You can use the inspirational and other stories to teach important life lessons, and core principles of life.

Our Hope for Those Who Visit

We hope everyone that visits Inspire Conversation find stories that open up the lines of communication between parents and children. We hope that you will find many inspirational or important lessons to teach your children. We have done a great deal of work to locate these life lessons and hopefully you will benefit from our research. We encourage you to use this site to teach your children, to enjoy your children, to deepen your relationship with your children, and equally important, to learn from and with your children. Creating and working on this website has been a great experience for all of us.

We hope you benefit from our journey…. it is a daily, amazing learning experience for our whole family. We feel incredibly blessed by this opportunity, and we are deeply humbled by it.

Thank You!

With best wishes and success on your parenting journey,
Naomi and Jason Greenblatt, along with Noah, Julia, Anna, Sophia, Avery, and Vera.

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