Overcoming Obstacles

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By: Avery Greenblatt

Washington Commanders’ rookie Running Back Brian Robinson Jr. took the field for the first time in his NFL career after getting shot twice in his leg a few weeks ago in an attempted robbery.

Robinson Jr. received a standing ovation at Fed-Ex Field when he ran onto the field before the Commanders game against the Tennessee Titans. Ron Rivera, the Commanders’ Head Coach, said “[b]eing back out here on the field today, you could see the joy in which he was running around. I mean, he really wanted to do more. We had to slow him down a little bit because what the doctors had prescribed and trainers was, ‘Go out, do a workout, do a couple of series on the side with the strength conditioning staff and trainers,’ and then he finished up, then they would allow him to come over and work a little bit. He finished up in great shape.”

Rivera described that at the first game Robbinson’s mental frame of mind was very good, and that they spoke about how fortunate Robbinson was. They also spoke about how this kind of event reminds people how every moment is precious. Robinson worked hard to overcome the setback that his injury caused and is very grateful to be able to be back with the team again.
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