Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for taking time to visit (the “Site”) and for reviewing our Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”). This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, store, and use any information that you or third parties provide to the Site. For the purpose of clarity the terms you and your refers to the visitor to the Site, and the terms we, our, us, the Site, and the website refers to the Site. This Privacy Policy applies to all the online activities of the Site and any related websites.

Personal Information That May Be Collected

Your personal information is not collected by the Site when you visit the Site unless you have chosen to provide this information to us. If you submit your information to us, either on the website or through other means, then we have the right to store this information. This data may include personal information that can identify you, including but not limited to your:

  • First and last name
  • Family details, including number and ages of children
  • Email Address
  • Postal address and phone numbers
  • User and Account Names
  • Passwords
  • Blogs

How This Information Is Used

In order to provide the best possible service to you, the Site may request information from you, and you are under no obligation to provide this information. If you do not register on the Site, then you may not be able to enter contests, or access content and benefits intended for registered users. Sometimes information may be required in order for you to ask a question, contact us with any comments or concerns, or to facilitate other transactions on the Site.

The Site takes your privacy very seriously. We will not sell, release, or exchange your information to any outside party without your explicit consent. We will share your email address and other information with our affiliate sites and by using this Site, you agree to such sharing. Once you have provided your consent for this type of disclosure, we will view the consent as valid until you revoke it in writing (which may be by email). We only collect personal information that you provide voluntarily, including but not limited to sending emails to the site, making an inquiry, completing forms or surveys, registering with the Site, ordering merchandise or services on the website, and similar activities.

The information that we collect about you may be used:

  • For account registration and management
  • To communicate with you
  • To facilitate access and use of the Site
  • To send invitations and special offers to you that may be of interest, both from us and from third parties
  • To publish itineraries, reviews, or comments on the Site that have been submitted by you
  • To respond to any inquiries, questions, or comments from you
  • To customize your experience on the Site
  • To solicit information through surveys, questionnaires, and other methods
  • To improve the Site and user experience
  • To troubleshoot any problems
  • To resolve any disputes that may arise
  • To prevent any activity that is prohibited or illegal in any way
  • To enforce the Privacy Policy and/or Terms of Use
  • When necessary to comply with any law enforcement agency or court order
  • When necessary to protect the rights of any Site user or third party
  • To defend against any legal claims

At times you may provide information about others when submitting blogs or articles or using other features of the Site. By submitting this information about others, you are certifying that you have obtained their consent before submission. We will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any information that is submitted without the consent of the individual whose information is provided.

Information Sharing And Third Parties

We may share information that you have submitted to us with our business partners, third party vendors, social media services, referral websites, law enforcement agencies, and others if we determine in our sole discretion that the disclosure is necessary to improve user experience, prevent any safety threat or illegal activity, protect others, or enforce our policies and terms. In most cases you will be notified when your information is provided to third parties and you can opt out, however this may not always be possible if your information is required to protect the rights of the Site or others, or if we receive a request by law enforcement or any legal court orders to disclose this information.

Automatic Information Collection and Storage

When you visit the Site we may collect certain information from your computer automatically, and this data may be stored in order to customize your user experience on the Site and to help us improve the Site, and the information and services that are provided to you. Information that may be automatically collected and stored includes but is not limited to:

  • Session data
  • Your IP address
  • The domain name used by you to access the Site
  • The web browser software used
  • The time and date that the Site was accessed
  • Any referring website used to arrive at the Site
  • The content and documents accessed
  • The links clicked or visited
  • The pages that you viewed
  • The amount of time that you spent on the website
  • The Use of Cookies And Other Web Technologies

The Site may use a number of web technologies, including but not limited to cookies and web beacons, and similar and/or successor technology in order to optimize the user experience for our visitors. Cookies are small packets of data that our Site sends to your browser when you visit the Site. Web beacons are small images that have a unique identifier. Personally identifying information is not collected by these web technologies, but they are used to help us track certain patterns and behaviors of our visitors and these technologies may record information about your browsing habits without identifying your personal information. Cookies and other web technologies are used to help us customize your user experience and remember your preferences during future visits to the Site so that the information does not have to be entered every time you visit us.

Cookies may also be used by third parties who advertise or link to the Site, and we will not be responsible for the information storage or collection practices of these third parties. You can refuse to allow the use of cookies by using your browser’s toolbar, but this may affect your ability to use the Site, or to enjoy the best user experience possible. If you do not allow cookies and other web technologies then you may not be able to access the content, deals, and special offers on the Site properly.

Third Party Links, Vendors, and Websites

The Privacy Policy does not cover the use, collection, or storage of your information by any third party. Third party advertising, links, websites, vendors, and content on the Site are covered by the third party privacy policies, and we are not responsible for how these entities collect, store, or use information that you have provided to them. Please check the privacy policies for each third party before you submit information to such third party to understand how this information will be used by the outside company.

You will find advertisements, links, and products and services for websites and companies that are not associated with our Site. These third party advertisements, links, and websites are independently operated and are not covered under our Privacy Policy. We are not responsible in any way for the content, products, services, or offers provided by third parties, and the inclusion of links, advertisements, and content from third parties on the site should not be considered an endorsement by the Site. We have no control over or access to any information that may be collected, stored, used, or shared by third parties.

At times we may share certain information about you with trusted third party entities, including some personally identifiable information in some cases. This may be done in order to provide you with information, offers, deals, and special savings that may be of interest to you. You always have the option to opt out of these communications by unsubscribing. Simply respond to the contact information in the email or other communication telling us that you choose to opt out of these communications and we will remove you from the list.

Personal Information and Privacy For Children

The protection of the privacy of children is very important to the Site. We will never knowingly collect personally identifying information from children who are under the age of 13, and if a visitor is known to be a child, then the information submitted will never be used to create a profile, shared with any third parties, or retained longer than what is necessary to provide a response. If a child has provided information, the parent or guardian simply has to contact us and alert us to this fact, and any information retained will be deleted once we are made aware of the fact that this information belongs to a child who is under age 13.

Information and Website Security

You agree to hold us harmless and not liable in the event that of any data breach, theft, misuse, or loss occurs due to the actions of a third party or for other reasons, including those within and outside our control. We will not be held be responsible for any such breach, theft, misuse or loss. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to take any steps that we deem necessary to prevent or mitigate any data breach, theft, misuse, or loss.

Privacy Policy Change

Updates or changes to the Privacy Policy may be made by us at any time, without prior notice or advance warning. Any changes made will be posted on the Site, and your access of the Site once an update has been posted constitutes your agreement that any changes have been reviewed and agreed to.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Privacy Policy please contact us at We will respond as soon as possible

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