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You Are The Company You Keep

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They say that “water seeks its own level.” This expression refers to scientific principles regarding fluidity but rings true for personal relationships as well. Over time those who strive to do good will usually find themselves surrounded by good people, while those who keep poor company will find themselves worse off. Where we can exert some effort, and take action to improve our lives is by “raising” our level. When we surround ourselves with people of quality, we challenge ourselves to grow and to match their level of quality and their positive attitude. In choosing who we hang out with, we should opt for a crowd associated with exceptional behaviors. Our peers play a role in setting our standards as well as helping us achieve them. When we aim low we sell ourselves short and our “water” will settle to that base level. By choosing quality individuals to surround us, we set ourselves up to become the best we can be.

Your Company Reflects Who You Are – Choose Those Who Inspire

Parents: The message here is twofold. It is so important to be involved in the lives of your children and to be aware of who they associate with so that you can see if they are being driven towards good or bad behaviors. As families we must also remember that we should be the most constant company in our children’s (including our teens) lives. Finally, setting a high standard for the family can encourage our children to seek the same high level of companionship outside the home.

Teens: As important as it is to think for yourself, it is also key to remember that no one goes through this life alone. You should be the kind of friend who helps others when they need help and is of service. Look for friends who share the same attitudes. Alone or with the wrong crowd you can grow stagnant. However with family, and with good, solid friends, you will continue to grow and succeed.

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