Discussing Tragedy in Pakistan With Teens

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NOTE: The following article and conversation is best reserved for older children, we recommend 14 and up. Parents, please read the article yourself and make personal considerations before you decide whether or not to share with your children.


It is with heavy hearts today that we share a recent tragedy with our readers. One of the worst school attacks in the history of Pakistan has struck the Peshawar region of the nation, resulting in over 140 deaths so far. The Pakistani Taliban have claimed responsibility for the attack.


At around 10 AM on Tuesday, armed militants stormed an army-run school disguised as soldiers and wearing suicide vests. No demands were made, no negotiations ensued. It was claimed that the attack was made as revenge against the Pakistani Military for targeting militant hide-outs. While carried out under this guise of political statement, it was murder in the coldest and most direct sense, of innocent students and educators.


Further attacks have been threatened. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in Peshawar and has announced three days of mourning for the dead, who are mostly children.


Though it is a difficult subject to cover, if you deem your teens old enough, we encourage you to discuss this with them. We should not shy away from discussing important topics like this with our older children. We must stand together in strength for those who suffer and come to their aid when we can. In this case, please do not let their story and this tragedy be forgotten.

In memoriam of those lost in this devastating attack, may they find peace.

I would like to again thank everyone who has commented on, or liked this piece.We stand in solidarity with the people of Pakistan and the victims of this awful tragedy. To those who lost someone, we offer our deepest condolence and our support. The below message board is a space to share strength and hope with those in pain right now. Scroll down and leave your message to the brave survivors and express your feelings about the tragedy. You may choose to sign your name, leave initials or post anonymously. Hopefully our shared messages will help bring light to this dark time, and our dialogue can create a positive experience to help those involved move forward.

Please share your message with the citizens of Pakistan by filling in a message below. Let’s show them our support. Thank you.



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